Hi, my name is Peter Wetzelsberger! I’m an artist from Salzburg, Austria and this is my Comic-Blog about the Rats On My Shoulders also known as Schulterratten.
I’ve seen that there were some viewers from other countries in the last years which actually don’t understand the german language, neither the spoken words in my strips. For that reason I’ve tried to translate something for you, but my english isn’t that good…

So, if you want to translate the strips by yourself in your own native language: Just do it! You can send me the translated script at, I’ll insert the letters and send the finished strips back. Or you can download and use the original Schulterratten-Font (Win) for free. You can share the strips with your friends, fill your own blog or magazines with them. Rights: Creative Commons (No commercial use).

One request: Allow me to show your translated versions on this Blog!


96 - Hold Back

96 – Hold Back

53 - Dreaming

53 – Dreaming

50 - Crumbs

50 – Crumbs

44 - A Bad Dream

44 – A Bad Dream

17 - And now...

17 – And now…